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Active Learning – Why is important

Active learning is a way of teaching that is focused on the students and allows them to learn themselves. It is different from traditional teaching methods where the teacher is the one who teaches the students.

Active Learning

Active learning is a teaching method where students are involved in the learning process. Active learning is different from traditional teaching methods where the teacher lectures to the students. Active learning methods allow students to learn by doing. Active learning methods also promote student collaboration and dialogue.

Active-learning pedagogies are ways of teaching that focus on students being engaged in the material, either through discussion or hands-on activities. This is contrasted with traditional methods of teaching, which focus more on the teacher lecturing. Proponents of active-learning pedagogies argue that this method leads to improved outcomes, such as better grades and increased retention of information. Additionally, it is believed that this method of teaching better prepares students to participate in democracy, as they are used to sharing their opinions and working together. However, not all research agrees that active-learning pedagogies are superior to traditional methods, and the debate continues.

Active learning as an educational practice has been shown to improve academic performance compared to traditional lectures, lessons, or readings. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that traditional approaches to education may not be the best way to learn, but active learning can be an effective and engaging way to teach and learn.

A study conducted by researchers at Harvard University found that students who were in active learning classrooms learned more than they thought they did, even though they preferred traditional lectures. It showed that students who were actively engaged in learning remembered more information and had a better understanding of the material than those who just listened to lectures.

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